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Introducing The Elegant Scent Box—a monthly subscription that's all about fun and fragrance! Get ready to unwrap themed boxes bursting with excitement and delight. Each shipment is a treasure trove of 4-6 carefully chosen pieces, from candles to wax melts, designed to turn your home into a fragrant paradise. Join us on this thrilling fragrant journey and elevate your space with elegance, charm, and a whole lot of fun! Subscribe today and let the scent-sational adventure begin!

Let the Scent-Sational Fun Begin!

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Indulge in the joy of seasonal surprises with the Elegant Decor Box – your quarterly dose of happy mail delivered right to your doorstep! Featuring a curated selection of luxurious home decor items tailored to the changing seasons, each box includes 5-8 carefully chosen pieces such as statues, figurines, smell goods, greenery, plates, candles, risers, and more. But the excitement doesn't end there! Join us on our Facebook page, Elegant Living, for live decorating style guides hosted by Tabitha and Lexi. Discover multiple ways to showcase each item with flair and make decorating your home a fun and enjoyable experience!

Let's Decorate Together!

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Step into the vibrant world of the Elegant Community, where every day is a celebration of style, friendship, and fun! From lively discussions to exciting challenges, our community is buzzing with creativity and camaraderie. Whether you're sharing decor tips, swapping recipes, or simply connecting with fellow enthusiasts, you'll always find something to spark joy and inspiration. Join us and let the good times roll!

Count Me In for Decorating Fun!

Meet Jason and Tabitha Yount!

Jason and Tabitha began their journey for home renovations while they were searching for their first home as a couple. After being married for over 26 years, their beautiful makeovers have inspired them to create a business together to help others make their houses feel more like home.

Tabitha uses her expertise as a designer by combining diverse textures and colors to any given space. Jason uses his advanced skills to renovate and support all remodel projects. Together, they have just what client’s need to take their spaces to the next level. 

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