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Exclusive Luxury Smells

The Elegant Scent Box offers a curated symphony of luxurious fragrances delivered to your doorstep each month. Immerse yourself in the opulence of our thoughtfully selected pluggables, wax melts, candles, and more, transforming your space into a haven of sophistication. Elevate every corner with our meticulously crafted scents, providing an indulgent sensory experience that transcends ordinary ambiance.

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Effortless Seasonal Refresh

The Elegant Decor Box offers a hassle-free way to refresh your home decor every season. With 5-7 carefully curated luxury items in each box, you can effortlessly stay on trend and infuse your space with the latest seasonal aesthetics without the need for extensive shopping or styling efforts.

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Live Decorating Tutorials

The Elegant Community is an exclusive haven for individuals seeking timeless sophistication in home decor. With captivating online shopping trips, live decorating tutorials, and personalized advice, our members enjoy a curated experience that transcends trends. Join now to immerse yourself in a community where elegance meets camaraderie, and every home becomes a masterpiece of refined style.

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Meet Jason and Tabitha Yount!

Jason and Tabitha began their journey for home renovations while they were searching for their first home as a couple. After being married for over 26 years, their beautiful makeovers have inspired them to create a business together to help others make their houses feel more like home.

Tabitha uses her expertise as a designer by combining diverse textures and colors to any given space. Jason uses his advanced skills to renovate and support all remodel projects. Together, they have just what client’s need to take their spaces to the next level. 

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