Do you love to decorate, create, and shop? We do, too! Let's get these fun activities started!

Our Elegant Community is a monthly subscription designed just for your you! We would LOVE for you to join us as our newest EC Gal in our Elegant Community!

It's only $17/month and it's worth that and so much more!

Are you always looking for ideas and inspiration for every day and seasonal decor for your home?

What if we told you that we could help you with this and so much MORE! Decorating stylish items is only half of the fun, you also need to know where to purchase them. We love to teach women how to do BOTH inside our decorating, creating, and shopping Elegant Community!

We have YEARS of experience (since 2009!) helping thousands of women learn to love their home by creating spaces that truly resemble their families and that they are proud of. We're ready to do the same for YOU!

I can't wait to decorate and create! Sign me up!

Are you someone who loves new decorating ideas, but could also use some inspiration and feedback when it comes to your own home? If so, then joining our EC family would be perfect for you!

Imagine being part of a community who all have the same interests and truly act like a family! Plus, we share exclusive tips and tricks for decorating, creating, and shopping with Tabitha and Lexi every week!

Here are some of our favorite things inside the EC!

I want to join the Elegant Community!

Access to a private Facebook group

Where your exclusive content from Tabitha and Lexi will be posted in a smaller group setting where we can truly get to know each other and your unique decorating style! The monthly schedule will be posted at the beginning of each month and all live recordings CAN be watched on replay!

Decorating, creating, and shopping lives with Tabitha and Lexi

Teaching you our best tips and tricks on how to take those items and style them effortlessly in your home! Including the links or locations to all of the products we use, plus every day and seasonal styles!

Daily share posts where you can post your own home decorating challenges and questions

This is a great opportunity to get unstuck in your decorating journey! You can also share your personal tips and tricks with the group to help inspire other women. We love to support, encourage, and motivate each other!

Become a decorating professional!

Uplifting community of women who are all so sweet and encouraging

We truly are like a family! It's our own little "safe space" on the internet where we can share more and get to know each other!

Discounts, early access, and other VIP perks

There are so many more perks you'll get along the way!

DIY Decorating & Styling Tutorials

Learn how to create, decorate, and shop for things like furniture, accessories, and more!

I want to join the EC and learn how to create and decorate!

We are truly a family in the EC and it's a special little spot on the internet. It brings joy to so many and we want that joy for you, too!

This was one of our workshops and meet and greets in the group. These are always so much fun... and we make adorable decor items as well! Check out this photo of all of the EC Gals that came to our in-person Live Event in Missouri! I truly love my EC family!

Let's have some decorating fun!

These are some more examples of some things we've done in the EC. Whether we're decorating or shopping, we're having a blast! The best part? The replay of these videos will be available for you inside the group once you join!

That's not all! Also included in your membership... Our NEW E-Book and TWO annual gifts from us!

I can't wait to be the next EC Gal! I'm ready to join!

The Elegant Community is a monthly subscription group. It is only $17/month and worth that and so much more!

Join today and you will have access to SO MANY previous decorating lives and exclusive content once you join our private FB group! (Make sure to look for an email after you sign up with all of the details). Many EC members tell us that they binge our videos for HOURS after joining!

Your payment will come out each month on the day you sign up. You may cancel at any time (but I don't think you'll want to)! We know you will love it as much as we do... and we can't wait to meet you!

Are you ready to start your decorating adventure? Your new EC family is waiting for you!

Doors close soon... Last chance to sign up!

Here's what some of our EC Gals are saying about the group...

"I am a grandmother and great grandmother. Have been a member of the EC for several years. Love to decorate my house especially with the seasons. Love Tabitha and Lexi. They always have so many interesting ideas. Looking forward to this." - Paula B.

"I have been a part of the EC since it started. The group is fun and inspirational. Tabitha has helped me transform my house. We have worked together on colors, furniture, decorating. Most recently Tabitha and Lexi helped me with furniture shopping. Never hesitate to ask for their help! They are amazing." - Laura H.

"I'm so glad I joined this group. Tabitha and Lexi are so talented and encouraging. I have learned so much in their work and was even introduced to other designers. They brought together so much experience and expertise to the group. Tabitha and Lexi have such great ideas and they have awakened my creativity. I really can't wait for the new beginnings." - Vera S.

Join the EC today! I'm ready to meet my new decorating best friends!