Let's Decorate and Celebrate: Dive into the Elegant Decor Box Adventure!

The Elegant Decor Box is a quarterly subscription for your home! It’s full of an assortment of items you’ll love to showcase in your home – and help embrace the warm welcome for your guests!

You do so much to take care of your home and family. It’s time to reward yourself! 

What's inside the Elegant Decor Box?

Each season, you'll delight in a thoughtfully curated Elegant Decor Box featuring luxurious products handpicked by Tabitha to mirror the seasonal beauty right outside your window. These surprise gifts, a personal gesture from Tabitha to you, serve as a self-appreciation for all that you do. While Elegant Homes & Interiors' social media may offer glimpses into the month's theme, the contents remain a delightful mystery.

At the heart of every Elegant Decor Box is a foundational item, representing the essence of the season. Tabitha meticulously builds the contents around this centerpiece, creating a harmonious ensemble that exudes magazine-worthy charm. Each box showcases one focal point, two scene-setting items, and a unique piece that artfully ties them all together. Rest assured, every box is meticulously packaged and fulfilled by Tabitha and her team to ensure an unparalleled experience for you.

“I love the way Tabitha makes me feel like I'm important to her and her business. She hand packages her items, gives examples on how to style your Elegant Decor Box from her own home, and responds very quickly to all of my questions. This subscription helps me feel like my house is beautiful and I don't have to do any work. I want to keep this subscription forever!”

Ashley F.

Elegant Decor Box Subscriber

The Elegant Decor Box contains 5-7 perfectly curated items that may include: 

  • Greenery – Spring blossoms, summer blooms, fall harvests, wintery snow flocked branches, and more! We LOVE to bring the outdoors, in! 
  • Figurines – animal, person, and figure statues to make a statement in your decor! 
  • Accessories – acorns, berries, logs, snowballs, and more to help add depth and character to your box!
  • Smell Goods – either a fragrance oil, wax melt, potpourri sachet, or others will be included in each box! We believe your home should smell as good as it looks!
  • Others – We love to include decorative plates, saucer ornaments, light globes, bird homes, or other unique items you didn’t know you needed until now!

Every month, at least one styling tutorial will be included to help you feel confident with your new look! 

Meet Tabitha!

I’m the founder and owner of the Elegant Decor Box! I created this subscription because I wanted to give women something special for their homes and themselves for each upcoming season. As a business owner, mother, and wife, I understand that sometimes all we need is some happy mail to help us refresh our mind and home! 

The Elegant Decor Box is a gift you give to yourself every three months. It’s a gift that was chosen by me to help you feel like your home is worthy of the front page of a magazine. You do so much to take care of others and your home. It’s time you thank yourself! 

"Wow! I never knew decorating could be this fun and effortless until I discovered the Elegant Decor Box. Each delivery feels like Christmas morning, with beautifully curated surprises that instantly elevate my space. Thanks to this box, my home has become a conversation starter, and I can't wait to see what seasonal delights await in the next shipment!"

Laura T.

"It's not just a decor subscription..."

The Elegant Decor Box is a quarterly gift that is sent straight to your home at the beginning of every season. 

As a woman, I understand the need to take care of your family, home, and everything in-between. It’s easy to feel like you haven’t taken care of yourself. 

By creating the Elegant Decor Box, I wanted to change that. I want to share the fresh, fun, and unique process of turning your house into a home you LOVE! Our perfectly curated boxes will help boost your confidence in your home and have you feel like a professional interior designer at the next family dinner!

The Elegant Decor Box is the perfect way to update your home decor to items you know will last for seasons to come. Our products are guaranteed to make you love the space you’re in! 

Plus, you’ll love that you have new happy mail right before you switch your decorations out for the next season! 

Spring Beginnings

Our Spring themed Decor Box will ship in February each year, filled with all of the airy items you expect to see in the start of fresh beginnings!

Summer Scenes

Our Summer themed Decor Box will ship out in May each year, full of vibrant and fun items you love to indulge in during the hottest months of the year!

Fall Harvest

Our Fall themed Decor Box will ship out in August, welcoming the cool weather with the most colorful and coziest items you’ll want to snuggle up with!

Winter Wishes

Our Winter themed Decor Box will ship out in November, just in time for the most wonderful and jolliest of decor items! 

"Tabitha sends the prettiest decorating subscription box ever. Even the wrapping it comes in is stylish! I feel more confident knowing that a real interior designer chose the decorations I'm displaying in my home. Plus, I haven't seen any of these items in stores! I absolutely LOVE every part of this box!”

Morgan I.

Elegant Decor Box Subscriber

Make your decorating wishes come true...

Becoming a subscriber to the Elegant Decor Box is a way of saying thank you to yourself for all of your hard work every day. I believe that taking pride in your home is one of the best ways to reflect on all that you have to be thankful for! Our members love having a beautiful home that reflects the changing seasons of life outside your window. Just like nature, our subscribers aren’t scared of a POP of color in their home decor! 

Becoming a subscriber is about living beautiful, just like you are. Our box helps get you excited to decorate and style your home confidently! 

Becoming a subscriber means tuning into your creative side as you can decorate different areas of your home that you may not have ideas for before. It means embracing the tastes you have and incorporating new items to feel like you’re a real designer on HGTV. It’s about being unapologetically your special self! 

"I love that the box comes with seasonal decorations and scents that make my house look and smell AMAZING! The box comes with decorations I wouldn't normally buy myself, BUT I'm so glad Tabitha did because they look absolutely stunning! I wish I had known about it sooner!"

Susan F.

Elegant Decor Box Subscriber

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my quarterly box?

Your payment will be drafted on the 1st of February (Spring box), May (Summer box), August (Fall Box), and November (Winter box)! Boxes will be packed and shipped within 15 days of payment, sometimes earlier!

If I subscribe to the Elegant Decor Box and Elegant Scent Box, do they ship separately?

Yes, your Elegant Decor Box and Elegant Scent Box will be shipped separately!

Is there a commitment or can I cancel at anytime?

There is no long term commitment. We hope you love your boxes! Unfortunately, if you need to cancel, please follow this link here and fill out the form to cancel your subscription: 


Please note – cancellation requests must be received 14 days before your billing date (1st of the month) or you will be charged for the following payment.

How do I update my payment or shipping method?

Please visit this link and log in to your account: 


You’ll see a place to update your payment method, contact info, and billing/shipping address information on your dashboard.

"Being a busy professional, finding time to refresh my home decor was always a challenge. But ever since I subscribed to the Elegant Decor Box, it's become the highlight of my season! Every item feels like it's been handpicked just for me, adding a touch of luxury and charm to my space. It's like having a personal stylist for my home!"

Emily A.